~ Laptops ~ Desktops ~ Tablets ~ Flash drives ~ SD Cards ~ External Hard Drives ~ Keyboards ~ Mice ~ Speakers ~ Monitors ~ Cables & Connectors ~ Printers ~ Routers ~ Modems ~ Network Extenders ~ Web Cameras ~ Headphones /Earbuds Bluetooth Speakers ~ Surge Protectors ~ Portable Batteries ~  Bluetooth boom boxes ~
Gift certificates available.
Yes I work on Macs.
All your computer needs period.
       114 Main Street Ludlow
As always in shop diagnostics are free!
           Yes I still make home and office calls.

            through Saturday 
         10 am - 5pm or later.
         Sunday and Monday
  By chance or by appointment
Buy refurbished. It's the green thing to do!
Bring your old computer by, I might buy it from you.
               Repair rates $50 per hour.
                  Lessons $50 per hour.
Repairs usually completed within 24 hours. 
( Will take longer if parts need to be ordered.)
               Contact information:
Email: Sydscompufix@rocketmail.com
           Telephone: 802 228 4379
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No money? I barter.
 Please no farm animals.